Epic Realms

Epic Realms: The Tournament of Ages

A time of great anticipation nears in the valley kingdom of Riona. The four city-states have each sent their bravest warrior to the competition. You are one of those warriors. Will you fall, like many dozens before you? Or will you be triumphant, and bring your city the prize, rulership of the valley for the next 200 years.

Epic Realms is a fantasy role-playing game designed for Windows 95. It takes advantage of many features of Microsoft's DirectX API to provide superior graphics and sound. The game requires a 3D hardware accelerated SVGA video card capable of 800x600 resolution at 16-bit color depth and a Pentium 166 or equivalent processor. (The Recomended system is of course an AMD K6 or Pentium II equivalent.) ;-)

The shareware version of Epic Realms will be available some time towards the end of 2000 and the retail version probably wont ship untill Christmass 2001. If you wish to become a beta tester or wish to inquire about the product, feel free to e-mail us. Pricing for the game will be $40 when it ships. Don't forget to check out our special offers. Epic Realms T-Shirts, featuring art by renowned Web Artist Henry Chiu, are available and in stock!